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zenCSS is a free & open source framework for rapid front-end development

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Website Layout, Color and Typography - Automated.

Flawless display on every screen. The Smart-Align Framework guarantees your content always looks its best, regardless of the device.

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Automatically generated color palettes and WCAG-compliant schemes ensure your brand stands out, beautifully and inclusively.

Experience Smart-Color

Sharp, responsive typography that speaks volumes. Eliminate font-size guesswork, ensuring readability and style on every screen.

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Save time with our curated selection of website components and modifier utilities

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50+ Components

Explore a range of functional components like cards, contact forms, and galleries, all optimized for style and responsiveness.

30+ Site Sections

Enhance your site's narrative with pre-configured section components that act as the scaffolding for your designs.

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150+ Modifier Utilities

Modify shape, color, and form in the blink of an eye, without writing one line of CSS.

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