Image Styles

Tools and styles for enhancing and manipulating images.

Image Classes

Class Name Description Example
.img-round Shapes the image into a perfect circle.
.img-round-outline Gives the image a full circular shape with a solid white outline.
.img-rounded Applies a small, uniform border-radius to create rounded corners.
.img-center Centers the image.
.img-left Floats the image to the left of the parent element.
.img-right Floats the image to the right of the parent element.
.img-responsive Makes an image scale nicely to the parent element.

    <!-- Round Image -->
    <img src="path-to-image.jpg" class="img-round" alt="">
    <!-- Round Image with Outline -->
    <img src="path-to-image.jpg" class="img-round-outline" alt="">
    <!-- Rounded Image -->
    <img src="path-to-image.jpg" class="img-rounded" alt="">
    <!-- Centered Image -->
    <img src="path-to-image.jpg" class="img-center" alt="">
    <!-- Left-aligned Image -->
    <img src="path-to-image.jpg" class="img-left" alt="">
    <!-- Right-aligned Image -->
    <img src="path-to-image.jpg" class="img-right" alt="">
    <!-- Responsive Image -->
    <img src="path-to-image.jpg" class="img-responsive" alt="">

Icon Containers

Containers designed specifically to hold and display icons.


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