How to Submit an Issue & Contributing Guidelines

Encountering a problem or bug in zenCSS? You're in the right place.

How to Submit an Issue

Encountering a problem or bug in zenCSS? Please follow these steps to ensure your issue is valid and not already addressed:

  1. Check Existing Issues:
    • Check the zenCSS Issues on GitHub to see if it's been reported or resolved.
    • If you find a related issue, read through it and add any additional information if it's still open.
  2. Reproduce the Issue:
    • Reproduce the issue using this CodePen template.
    • Include a detailed description, steps to reproduce, and screenshots or recordings if applicable.
  3. Read Guidelines:
    • Ensure you have read and understood the guidelines below before submitting.

Issue Submission Guidelines

Before submitting your issue, please ensure:

  • Search for duplicates.
  • Validate HTML to avoid common problems.
  • Provide a clear description of the issue.
  • Include environment details (browser version, zenCSS version, etc).
  • Attach a CodePen example link where the issue is reproduced.
  • Adhere to the contributing guidelines below.

Contributing Guidelines

We welcome contributions! To contribute effectively, follow these guidelines:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the project.
  2. Check for open issues or open a new one for your proposed changes.
  3. Clearly explain feature requests and be prepared to discuss implementation.
  4. If fixing a bug, describe it in detail and provide replication instructions.
  5. Follow the established code style of the project.
  6. Add tests for new features and ensure they pass.
  7. Update relevant documentation when creating or modifying features.
  8. Use clear and concise titles for pull requests and include a description of changes.
  9. Be open to feedback and make requested adjustments.
  10. By contributing your code, you agree to licensing your contribution under the MIT License.