Formatting utilities allow for a wide range of styling adjustments pertaining to dimensions, alignment, and more.

Gap Classes

These classes are used to set the gap property for an element, ranging from .gap-0 (no gap) to .gap-6 (2em gap).

Class Name Description CSS Code
.gap-0 No gap gap: 0;
.gap-1 0.25em gap gap: 0.25em;
.gap-2 0.5em gap gap: 0.5em;
.gap-3 0.75em gap gap: 0.75em;
.gap-4 1em gap gap: 1em;
.gap-5 1.5em gap gap: 1.5em;
.gap-6 2em gap gap: 2em;

Width and Height Classes

These classes define specific width and height for elements, ranging from 0px to 350px, incremented by 5px.

Class Name Description CSS Code
.w-5 Width: 5px Width: 5px;
.h-5 Height: 5px Height: 5px;
-- -- --
.w-350 Width: 350px Width: 350px;
.h-350 Height: 350px Height: 350px;

Directional Modifiers

These classes adjust the position of an element in specific directions.

Class Name Description CSS Code
.up-1 Move up 1px top: -1px;
.down-1 Move down 1px top: 1px;
.left-1 Move left 1px left: -1px;
.right-1 Move right 1px right: -1px;
.up-2 Move up 2px top: -2px;
.down-2 Move down 2px top: 2px;
.left-2 Move left 2px left: -2px;
.right-2 Move right 2px right: -2px;
.up-3 Move up 3px top: -3px;
.down-3 Move down 3px top: 3px;
.left-3 Move left 3px left: -3px;
.right-3 Move right 3px right: -3px;
.up-4 Move up 4px top: -4px;
.down-4 Move down 4px top: 4px;
.left-4 Move left 4px left: -4px;
.right-4 Move right 4px right: -4px;
.up-5 Move up 5px top: -5px;
.down-5 Move down 5px top: 5px;
.left-5 Move left 5px left: -5px;
.right-5 Move right 5px right: -5px;
.up-6 Move up 6px top: -6px;
.down-6 Move down 6px top: 6px;
.left-6 Move left 6px left: -6px;
.right-6 Move right 6px right: -6px;
.up-7 Move up 7px top: -7px;
.down-7 Move down 7px top: 7px;
.left-7 Move left 7px left: -7px;
.right-7 Move right 7px right: -7px;
.up-8 Move up 8px top: -8px;
.down-8 Move down 8px top: 8px;
.left-8 Move left 8px left: -8px;
.right-8 Move right 8px right: -8px;
.up-9 Move up 9px top: -9px;
.down-9 Move down 9px top: 9px;
.left-9 Move left 9px left: -9px;
.right-9 Move right 9px right: -9px;
.up-10 Move up 10px top: -10px;
.down-10 Move down 10px top: 10px;
.left-10 Move left 10px left: -10px;
.right-10 Move right 10px right: -10px;
.up-20 Move up 20px top: -20px;
.down-20 Move down 20px top: 20px;
.left-20 Move left 20px left: -20px;
.right-20 Move right 20px right: -20px;
.up-30 Move up 30px top: -30px;
.down-30 Move down 30px top: 30px;
.left-30 Move left 30px left: -30px;
.right-30 Move right 30px right: -30px;
.up-40 Move up 40px top: -40px;
.down-40 Move down 40px top: 40px;
.left-40 Move left 40px left: -40px;
.right-40 Move right 40px right: -40px;
.up-50 Move up 50px top: -50px;
.down-50 Move down 50px top: 50px;
.left-50 Move left 50px left: -50px;
.right-50 Move right 50px right: -50px;
.up-60 Move up 60px top: -60px;
.down-60 Move down 60px top: 60px;
.left-60 Move left 60px left: -60px;
.right-60 Move right 60px right: -60px;
.up-70 Move up 70px top: -70px;
.down-70 Move down 70px top: 70px;
.left-70 Move left 70px left: -70px;
.right-70 Move right 70px right: -70px;
.up-80 Move up 80px top: -80px;
.down-80 Move down 80px top: 80px;
.left-80 Move left 80px left: -80px;
.right-80 Move right 80px right: -80px;
.up-90 Move up 90px top: -90px;
.down-90 Move down 90px top: 90px;
.left-90 Move left 90px left: -90px;
.right-90 Move right 90px right: -90px;
.up-100 Move up 100px top: -100px;
.down-100 Move down 100px top: 100px;
.left-100 Move left 100px left: -100px;
.right-100 Move right 100px right: -100px;

The Zen Test

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