Browser and Device Compatibility

zenCSS is designed for optimal performance across a broad range of modern browsers and devices, ensuring a seamless experience with some minor variations due to browser-specific behaviors.

Modern Browser Support

We focus on

  • 0.5%: Browsers used by over 0.5% of global users.
  • last 2 versions: The last 2 versions for each major browser.
  • Firefox ESR: The latest Firefox Extended Support Release.
  • not dead: Browsers that are not officially dead (i.e., they have been updated in the last 24 months).

While not designed for legacy browsers like Internet Explorer, zenCSS will still work in some cases.

Platform Browser Support Level
Mac Chrome, Firefox, Safari Last 2 versions Supported
Windows Chrome, Firefox, Edge Last 2 versions Supported
iOS Safari Last 2 versions Supported
Android Chrome, Firefox Last 2 versions Supported

Mobile Responsiveness

zenCSS employs a mobile-optimized design, supporting Chrome for Android, Safari on iOS, Samsung Internet, and Edge on mobile devices. Proxy browsers may not be fully supported.

Desktop Browsers

For desktop environments, the latest stable releases of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge are supported. Community feedback is welcome to improve compatibility.

The Zen Test

Every component, section, and utility we ship will pass layout, color, and functional tests to ensure they perform flawlessly in today's modern browsers.

So you can be assured it "just works". Try it out below.